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4 Differents Rd# per scheme

(US roadsnames also available: B&O, MILW, VIRGINIAN, N&W, NH and Penn Central)

DCC w/ sound: $315.00

DC version: $220.00


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Each pair pack:$26.20


DC version: $220.00

DCC w/ sound: $315.00

Reservation deadline: 30 March 2020


GO Transit Scheme

Montreal Transit, US roads and un-numbered:

DC: $200.00

DCC w/ sound: $295.00

Reservation deadline:  30 April 2020













Get a 5% discount on any reservation made til the Rapido deadline on the Turboliner

5 cars set

DC: $750.00   DCC w/ sound: $950.00

2 cars demo set:

DC: $450.00    DCC w/ sound: $650.00

Additional single car: $130.00

Reservation deadline 20 March 2020

Standard version: $61.95

Deluxe version: $70.00

US transit systems also available: Santa Monica, San Francisco, Philly Septa, New Orleans, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City and Milwaukee


























DC version:

A unit: $230.00

A-B set: $430.00

DCC w/ sound version:

A unit: $335.00

A-B set: $595.00

Also available road name:  SP, D&RGW, NPR, LV, NH&HRR, PENNSYLVANIA, NYC and Freedom Train





DCC w/ sound: $299.95











Single car: $89.95

3 pack: $289.95