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DCC w/ sound versions: $525.00

DC versions: $435.00

CNR Tender set: $95.00


New last minute pricing!!!!

DCC w/ sound versions: $499.00

DC silent versions: $399.00

CPR D10 tender set: $95.00







DCC Version w/ sound: $349.95

DC version: $245.95


DCC Version w/ sound: $299.00 

DC Version: $199.00

DCC w/ sound: $289.00

DC Version: $195.00

DCC versions w/ sound: $293.00

DC versions: $196.00

This unit is a Kaslo kit mounted on a Proto SW drive. Some modifications were made to model unit #1509 as the kit is made for the 1500-1503 series which differs slightly. The bell was relocated at the front, flashers were scratchbuilt for the roof, Athearn SW flexcoil sideframes were used. The unit was painted with Accupaint Vermont Green. Decals from Microscale. Light weathering brings out the decals. Click image for larger view.

gallery CV SW1200 1509 pic 1

gallery CV SW1200 1509 pic2

gallery CV SW1200 1509 pic3

gallery CV SW1200 1509 pic4

I custom paint any guage of model. This Lionel model started as an F/P Great Northern unit. It was stripped, re-painted with Accupaint colours. Decals by Microscale. Click image to view larger.

Gallery CNR Lionel pic 1

Gallery CNR Lionel pic2

Gallery CNR Lionel pic3