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This family portrait is showing two CP Rail SD40-2F, a Kaslo kit mounted on a Kato drive (#9007) and an OMI model in the CPRail system scheme. the cousin, CN SD50F #5410 is mounted on a P2K SD60 drive. All were painted with Accupaint. Microscale decals, DCC and weathered. Click an image for a larger view.

Gallery sisters and cousin


Gallery sisters and cousin pic 2


Gallery sisters and cousin pic 3


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This model is a modified O scale brass GP9 to CNR specs.  The modifications were done by a fellow in Toronto, the craftsmanship is fantastic. I painted it with Accupaint colours. The stripped are painted instead of decals. Directional lights were added. Light weathering. Click an image for a larger view.

Gallery O scale pic 1

Gallery O scale pic 2

Gallery O scale pic 3

Gallery O scale pic4

Gallery O scale pic5

Gallery O scale pic6

This is an OMI model, painted using Accupaint. Decals are from Microscale and Accucals. DCC equipped and light weathering. Click on image for larger view.

Gallery CNR M420 pic 1

Gallery CNR M420 pic 2

Gallery CNR M420 pic 3

Gallery CNR M420 pic4

This is a Sylvan kit built as per the instructions, painted using Accupaint, decals from CDS and Microscale and was finished with light weathering. Click image to view larger.

Gallery CP Scale test car pic 1

Gallery CP Scale test car pic2


This unit started as an OMI LMX unit that was modified and detailed for BC Rail. Painted in the unique Westwind scheme for the dinner train, I used Floquil paint and ORO decal and light weathering to finish the model. Click an image for a larger view.

Gallery BC RAIL Westwind pic1

Gallery BC RAIL Westwind pic2

Gallery BC RAIL Westwind pic3

This is an Athearn AC4400CW, detailed and painted in the new Cartier Railway colours in Accupaint. The red is CP bright Red, VIA Blue and Testors Alumminum. Decals by Highball Graphics. Weathering highlights the under frame and roof details. Click image for a larger view.

Gallery Cartier AC4400W pic 1

Gallery Cartier AC4400W pic2

Gallery Cartier AC4400W pic3

Gallery Cartier AC4400W pic4Gallery Cartier AC4400W pic5


This is a resin kit made by Kaslo, available from George’s Trains. The model represents the PH2 version. The unit was painted to match the Athearn bi-level car colours. It is mounted on an Athearn F59PH drive that was modified by removing the battery boxes behind the fuel tank and mounting the air reservoirs. the decals are from ORO Decals, the paint is Testors and Accupaint. The unit is DCC equipped. Click on image to view larger.

Gallery Kaslo GO pic 1

Gallery Kaslo GO pic2

Gallery Kaslo GO pic3

Gallery Kaslo GO pic4

Gallery Kaslo GO pic5

Gallery Kaslo GO pic6

This OMI model was stripped and additional details added like ditch lights and the footstep/hose holders were removed.  Accupaint stencil black was used and decals are from Microscale and ShellScale. Weather was done with Floquil black, rail brown and mud. KD 58 and MV lenses completed the model. Click image for larger view.

Gallery OMI NS GP-38 pic 1

Gallery OMI NS GP-38 pic 2

Gallery OMI NS GP-38 pic 3

This is a Kaslo BCR kit built and mounted on an Atlas U23-B drive. Painted with Accupaint colours. It still had some final touches and some light weathering to be done, when the photo was taken. Click on images for a larger view.

Gallery OSRX M420 pic 1

Gallery OSRX M420 pic2

Gallery OSRX M420 pic3

Gallery OSRX M420 pic4

This is a Kaslo kit, previously produced under the Point1 Models name. The drive was custom made by P1M for this model. The engine was painted with Scalecoat CN sig black. Decals were leftovers from other sets, as not many were needed. It received a bit of weathering to highlight the details. Click on images for a larger view.

Gallery OSR RS-23 #506 pic 1

Gallery OSR RS-23 #506 pic2